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DEX is Better Than CEX With HydraSwap

Trade, earn, and grow with HydraSwap’s intelligent cross-chain DEX featuring concentrated liquidity on the high-performance Solana blockchain.

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Concentrated Liquidity++

We introduce concentrated liquidity that’s supercharged with our bespoke smart pricing algorithm on Solana. Our unique Hydra Market Maker (HMM) minimizes LP’s exposure to impermanent loss and maximizes their returns.

C= Compensation Parameter

HydraSwap’s compensation parameter stops impermanent loss in its tracks. We integrate oracle pricing data into the Hydra Market Maker. This helps the HMM find the sweet spot where LP’s earning potentials are maximized and arbitrageurs are incentivized with access to a healthy trading environment.

Cross-Chain X Solana

HydraSwap will integrate powerful cross-chain modules to enable seamless cross-chain use-cases for DeFi assets. This means traders and LPs can complete transactions on any chain while leveraging the high TPS throughput, almost zero gas fees, and super-sonic processing speeds offered up by Solana.

Smart Aggregation

HydraSwap is taking DEXs to the next level with smart aggregation. It gives you the best price by aggregating HydraSwap’s liquidity pools with Serum’s liquidity. Our smart aggregation protocol delivers deeper liquidity and a significantly reduced risk of price slippage on big trades.

Hydra Market Maker HMMHydra Market Maker HMMHydra Market Maker HMMHydra Market Maker HMM
HydraSwap Mission

Why we do it

There is an incredible opportunity right now on Solana, with its high speed and costs.  It just needs a DEX to bring all of these capabilities together. Our goal is for HydraSwap to facilitate most of the trades on Solana.

An intelligent cross-chain DEX combining an enhanced AMM with concentrated liquidity on Solana

HydraSwap is a next-generation cross-chain DEX powered by our exclusive Hydra Market Maker (HMM) smart pricing algorithm. It helps liquidity providers (LPs) enhance their returns up to 4x and improves their impermanent loss profile. HydraSwap integrates smarter pricing with concentrated liquidity to create greater capital efficiency and superior earnings for LPs.

HydraSwap’s proprietary features combined with the speed and convenience of Solana, deliver a fast and reliable DEX. By addressing the needs of LPs we aim to create a robust trading venue with deep liquidity for DeFi.

HydraSwap Cross-Chain DEX

Why Solana? It’s Cheap, Fast & Easy.

Solana dramatically outperforms other public blockchains. So, to achieve our mission, it had to be Solana.

HydraSwap Solana Low Cost
Low cost, forever
Solana has an average gas fee of $0.0001. The extremely low gas fees will remain so forever thanks to the highly scalable Solana blockchain.
HydraSwap Solana High Throughput
Unbeatable throughput
Solana is a high-throughput blockchain capable of 65K transactions per second (TPS). So, HydraSwap can maintain lightning speeds as the transaction volume rises on the DEX.
HydraSwap Solana High TPS
Rapid processing times
Solana averages 0.5 second processing times, making it the fastest blockchain in the world. There will be no waiting around for transactions to complete on HydraSwap.

HydraSwap Token

HydraSwap’s token ($HYS) serves as a governance token with a max supply of 100 million HYS. Over 50% of HYS supply will be distributed to the community via liquidity mining incentives and ecosystem funds.

HydraSwap HYS TokenomicsHydraSwap HYS Tokenomics

HydraSwap Roadmap

HydraSwap is open and transparent about its journey to becoming the ultimate cross-chain DEX with concentrated liquidity on Solana. Take a look at the path to a revolutionary financial ecosystem...

2021 Q2
Alpha version Released
2021 Q3
Private Round Raised with 2x Oversubscription

Beta version published
Community growth campaigns
Mainnet beta with size restrictions

2022 Q1-Q2
Full platform launch

IDO: HYS Token issuance
Hydra Market Making with Concentrated Liquidity
Smart Aggregation
Smart contract security audit

2022 Q3
Cross-chain modules
Advanced Orders


HydraSwap has a wide range of investors from industry-leading blockchain venture funds. Together, they continue to provide the investment capital our DEX needs to scale.

GBV Capital
GBV Capital

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